Family Intimate Relationship Interview

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Family Intimate Relationship Interview Throughout this interview process, it was extremely difficult to find a family not similar to mine. However after many weeks of searching, I found a wonderful family that lives not to far from my hometown, the Lindsay family. While interviewing this family, I spent approximately four hours at their small home in Lake City, TN. This experience was difficult and rewarding at the same time. To me, meeting new people is very hard because I am a really shy person. However, I strived to gather a lot of information from this family because it is very important to get a lot of details. So, therefore, this paper will explain my own family, the Lindsay family, and the comparison amongst our families. My…show more content…
The Lindsay family is a total of five: Chris, Kristy, Christopher, Gabrielle, and Zoi. They have faced several deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, the father, Chris, has recently arrived back to his family, and unfortunately found out he has posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a disorder that develops when people have experienced a traumatic event. Mr. Lindsay (2017) stated, “I sometimes relive the moments that my friends have passed right in front of me.” While sitting there listening, it was heartbreaking. In the life of someone with PTSD, they tend to be on edge quite a bit. Chris has left birthday parties immediately because a balloon popped. Also, when his children are being really loud he calmly tells them to settle down, and sits out side until he is ready to return. Although he has coped efficiently with this disorder, many PTSD victims cope with their disorder with alcohol, drugs, and abuse. However, I will say that this family has coped really well with this situation. Also, another big difference is that they have a smaller family than mine, but they want it to grow. So, therefore, there are a lot of differences between the Lindsay family and my family. Comparison and Differences To add, there are a lot of similarities and differences between both families. My family is very close to each other, and theirs is too. Also, we both enjoy going on
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