Family Is Transformative. As An Individual You Are Born

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Family is transformative. As an individual you are born into a group of people that will care and look out for you, if that happens to be your case. If not, your family will be a person or a group of people that claim to know you since birth therefore they are family. Whatever the case might be in regards to your upbringing, this family of yours is the defining factor within your life. When born, we’re abruptly brought into a group of people with set ideas and ways of thinking. As a child we can take what we learn from our family and base our whole self around these ideals. Consequently, the type of family you have can or will shape most of you as an individual. Families have a unique way of interaction within …show more content…

However it was not until later in the 19th century, that family became more exclusive to only those considered as offspring and a man’s wife. It was at this time that the solid unit once within a household, began to deteriorate. With the industrialization occurring in America at the time, post civil war, this became a very defining time for families. “It was during this period that American families took on many characteristics associated with the ‘modern family’. They became smaller; they revolved more tightly around the nuclear core, and parents became more emotionally involved in child rearing and for a longer period” (Coontz 1988;Mintz and Kellogg 1988). After these defining times in American history the same seemed to occur for the families, home and work were no longer in the same household. In the 20th century the state was beginning to be more active within the economy, this caused the now nuclear families to depend on outside institutions for help. During the first part of the 20th century many ideals began to shift, from the time the people left for school, got a job, or even got married. After The Great Depression and World War II, this shuffled around many things within society painting a homogenous America such were the drop of parenthood, average of women getting married, people born in foreign countries within the population, and among others. The new America

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