Family Is Transmuting And Has Always Being Transmuting

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Family is transmuting and has always being transmuting. Since world war two the amount of diverse families has grown over time. As early as the 1950’s the family has rapidly transmuted, some verbalize for the better and other verbally express for the worse but indubitably we can identify distinctions between now and recent years, like things such as immigration and values. Other issues such as the invention the pill, (birth control), sanctioning both men and women to file for divorce without having to prove adultery, (which was needed to be done afore), and religion not playing such a consequential part in peoples lives denoted that vicissitudes in the family structure became more acceptable in society.
Before diverse families were on the rise during the ‘changing period’, following the norms of society it was “proper” and “right” to be a component of a nuclear family. The nuclear families in the past was a father financially fortifying the family and the mother, who had to be espoused, looking after their children and their home, and this nuclear family provided all the compulsory factors needed in life which is how functionalists argued. However, overtime more family structures have developed and become a component of society. Reconstituted (when a couple who have been anteriorly espoused with children converge and get espoused to compose another family), and lone parent families are becoming more prevalent, gay and lesbian families are becoming more acceptable in today’s

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