Family Participation And Child Needs Special Education

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Parents are their child 's best exponents. Parents know their children better than anyone else. That 's why parent involvement play a crucial role when the child needs special education. This essay will discuss the importance of family participation and impacts of family participation in special education. Firstly, the essay will briefly describe what challenges special need children face, secondly, the essay will discuss key terms in the literature about the importance of family participation in education program and importance of parents in inclusive education and their benefits. Finally, the assay will be concluded with my personal view on the importance of parent involvement in special education and how parent involvement can be made …show more content…

According to the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), family life is a fundamental and integral part of the learning process for children. This process begins in early childhood, with the socialization and early learning process of infants and toddlers, and continues throughout the educational process. (CEC, 2009). During the early stages of life, parental involvement will be much more focused on identifying needs and development of ways that the family and or educators resources can best be used to meet the needs of the child. At the early stage, it is likely that the parents are the primary educators of the child. When child enters school, communication between parent and school comes to the fore in terms of the importance of parental involvement which result a strong parent-school or parent –teacher relationship on the basis of ongoing dialogue and engagement which helps to lessen many of the concerns of both parents and educators. (Writer, 2014) Effective parent involvement also helps educators feel supported in their efforts to balance the needs of students with disabilities with other students ' needs. There is a consistency of communication, support, and caring when parents engage in their children’s education. As a result Children with special needs are who benefit the most from it. Apart from the children parents are also much of beneficial from have a constructive working relationships with educators. It helps to demystify for parents what, at times, may

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