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Ever since the late 1970’s Athens has become known for its popular bands such as Pylon and B-52’s. These newly famous bands would perform in places such as the 40 Watt Club, Tirone’s Bar, and Georgia Theatre. These places were staple locations for young college students and musicians, holding memories of good music and fun times. While some of these places still exist due to renovations or new locations, many of these once famous landmarks have been burnt down or taken over by new businesses. In order to learn more about famous venues and the music scene I chose to visit the following locations: Wax Jr. Facts, Uptown Lounge, 40 Watt Club, Last Resort, and the Georgia Theatre. The first location I visited was Wax Jr. Facts, which is now …show more content…

As I walked out of the store, I noticed the following items: the large glass display which use to hold a large neon sign which read “Books”, a long row of windows which were located above the entrance, and an abandoned alleyway located directly next to the store. Some other questions I wished I asked the clerk include the following: Do you know anything about Wax Jr. Facts, the store before the Jackson Street Books?; Did you or anyone you know attend the “extravagant beer parties” that were held at Wax Jr. Facts?; and Did you do any renovations to the building?. Just by visiting the first location I realized how items such as bookstores were no longer in demand when compared to clothing stores. The second place I visited was the Uptown Lounge. The Uptown Lounge was a well-known music venue in Athens. Popular bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Meat Puppets, the Bar B Q Killers, R.E.M., and Widespread Panic played at the Uptown Lounge. Even though it was extremely popular during the 1980’s, the Uptown Lounge closed in the early 1990’s. The business which now owns the building is a brewing company known as the Copper Creek Brewing Company. The building is located near North Lumpkin Street and North Washington Street near businesses such as Fuzzy’s Tacos and Docebo. The location of the building was near the central most part of the city which increased the amount of traffic, loud noises of bells and people talking, and amount

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