Fantasy Theme Analysis In Literature

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These three methods are dramatic theories that can applied to critic art works. The fantasy theme analysis is a research method that “designed to provide insights into the shared worldview of groups (Foss, 2009). “It is a humanistic method of rhetorical criticism The fantasy theme used symbolic language and expression to shared specific meaning and connection in a certain group. When people in a certain group have common understanding to a certain topic, then this will fulfill the psychological or rhetorical needs for that group. The fantasy theme analysis will code the artifact sentence to identify the settings, characters, and action themes, then it will include the views of the rhetoric. The limitation of fantasy-theme analysis is the procedure that there is not sufficient data to against investor bias if doing the qualitative research (Swartz, 1999). …show more content…

In Foss’s book, he mentioned “it is a method that seeks to answer the question such as What is involved, when we say what people are doing and why they are doing it” (Foss, 2009). The critic will list the 5 terms in the artifact and then apply ratios to figure out the relationship between them. The pentad criticism is explicit, static and transportable within contexts, Burke uses ratios to link the five terms to discover the motivation from the rhetor. He believes that all key terms affect each other, however, it might limit the potential interpretations of all other terms (Foss,

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