Far West Program Development

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Far West Program Development The Far West Elementary School is a school that is dedicated to a certain subset of learners that often face challenges with learning and living in the United States due to things such as cultural and language barriers. The Far West school seeks to address that while not concerning itself with making a profit. This report will cover seven major facets of the Far West program. These are, in order, an overview of the program, an assessment of the program, the needs/problem statement, the program's planning, the alternative funding streams that may exist, implementation of the program and evaluation of the program. Program Overview The Far West Elementary school is a non-profit in the United States that seeks to provide the framework and foundation for a better life overall through installation of solid education and values early on in life. The school focuses a lot of its energy on immigrant children that know little to no English. The Far West program is indeed designed to handle such children whereas many public schools are not due to lack of resources and/or lack of focus on English Second Language (ESL) students. Some cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, have very entrenched and massive immigrant and/or ESL populations, thus making the need much more apparent than it would be in an area that is more homogenous or at least mostly English-speaking. The two main desired outcomes for students in the program are a higher level of
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