Fast Food Workers

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The article that I chose to write about is one regarding the public opinion of fast food workers; particularly at McDonald's. In chapter 5, it states that a public opinion "commands the attention of politicians, the news media, and political scientists." Many employees at McDonald's are petitioning to bring their minimum wage higher than $8 per hour. Fast food workers all across the United States are demanding higher pay. They are saying a more reasonable amount per hour is $14 or $20 if you are supporting a child. People who disagree with this mentioned in the article that if the hourly minimum wage goes up at fast food restaurants, so will the prices of the food which in return will have a negative effect on even more citizens. Some McDonald's …show more content…

I am sure that there are many individuals who are performing survey research. I would assume this consists of interviewing employees as well as researching how much the average American really does need to survive and if $8 is enough or if the amount should be raised as well as if it is necessary to have a different amount per hour based on how many kids you are raising. If you are going to be raising children that is a responsibility that the individual should understand and become prepared for. If they don't have anymore experience than a co-worker in the fast food department, why should they receive more money per hour. A major conflict with this opinion is their level of knowledge. Do they know if the government is even capable of increasing wages? For this particular article i think fast food workers who are living on food stamps and have no education should prioritize and re-evaluate what the spend their money on. For example, how many people who are complaining about this have tried saving money for school, or how many have iphones when they "cant afford" other necessities? The fast food department is not meant to be the primary source of income for adults. It is a great starter job to earn money before or during education. If they raised the hourly pay of minimum wage than it wouldn't be fair for others who have sacrificed and worked hard to receive an education so that they can have a

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