Fastest Growing Sport in America: Lacrosse

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The fastest growing sport in America is lacrosse, and in order to play lacrosse, it is important to first understand the physics of the game. Lacrosse players around the world use physics while playing without even thinking about it. With no knowledge of physics, it would be pretty difficult to master the fastest game on two feet. One of the worlds greatest scientist, Isaac Newton, established three laws dealing with physics, and using these laws will make it possible for a lacrosse player to understand what he or she needs to do in order to throw a ball. Newtons first law deals with inertia, his second law deals with the relationship between mass, acceleration and force, and his third law deals with opposite reactions. When talking about lacrosse, it is essential to cover Newton’s first law, his second law, and his third law in order to understand the physics behind throwing a lacrosse ball. .

Lacrosse can be a very simple game, as long as you know the physics behind throwing a ball. We first see Newton’s laws in action when we look closer at throwing and catching. Newtons first law states that “an object in motion will stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force.” (Cutnell 88) In terms of lacrosse, the object in motion is the ball and the outside force is the air resistance, gravity, or an opposing players stick stopping the ball. A ball, when thrown to a teammate, is stopped by their stick. If the players stick did not catch or stop the ball, the ball

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