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Fasting, Feasting Book Club Book Review
Fasting, feasting by Anita Desai is a booker Prize finalist novel which does a great job in portraying everyday family life and conflicts. Through Fasting, Feasting, Desai portrays family dynamic in two different families, from two very different cultures; an upper middle class Indian family and an American family from Massachusetts.
The novel is divided into two sections, referred to as part one and part two. the first section of the novel portrays everyday life of an Indian family with their daughter Uma as the main character of the section. Throughout part one of the novel, the author tries to take the reader into a journey across the Indian social practices and family relationship. She does this through the way she portrays different members of the Indian family and other individuals who are depicted as different members of the Indian society. In this section, the reader can see the family structure, family members responsibilities, and expectations from other members of the family and the society in general. Apart from showing the reader the family life, she also tries to present situations and topics that shows the reader some important issues regarding the Indian educational system and the society attitudes towards it. Desai does this by portraying an Indian family which priorities men’s education over women’s. This is seen first through mama who is a house wife expected to stay home and take care of her family while her

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