Fate In Frankenstein And Adam And Eve In The Tempest And Paradise Lost

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Everyone want to have the chance to be free or just to make choices for themselves. However, sometimes fate gets in the way. Fate can be defined as something that happens to a person that is predetermined, it is going to happen and it cannot be changed. Free will on the other hand is the idea that noting in a person future is concrete and a person can choose how they want to live. In the end, fate most of the time can determine how the person dies. Many characters get tested with these two themes like: Beowulf from the epic poem, Beowulf; Victor and the creature from the novel, Frankenstein; the Halshims kids in the novel, Never let me go; the character Caliban in, The Tempest; and Adam and Eve from Paradise Lost. All five of these literary works show the theme of fate and free will in many different ways but still portray the true meaning.
In the novel, Never let me go, the kids that grew up at Halshim had their fate planed before they were even cloned. As the kids develop there they find out that Hailsham is a sheltered place that helps them except their unfortunate fate. Their futures have been planned out to where they become carers, then donors, then they die an unfulfilled life. These children are not given the ability to truly explore the world and purse dreams and some children do not question why this is their fate. There are a few kids who do wonder and dream about getting a real job or moving to America but they get shot down by their guardians as they tell

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