Fate Vs Free Will Oedipus The King

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The theme of Fate/Destiny vs. Free will has been developed in the opening scenes of Oedipus Rex. One prominent idea that is established throughout the opening scenes is the idea of figurative and literal blindness that is strongly related to free will and fate. The theme of fate/destiny vs. free will is clearly portrayed in the pre-face to Oedipus Rex. When an oracle prophesied that King Laius very own son will kill him. This is the first time that destiny is presented. Laius and his wife Jocasta used their free will to harm their son and leave him on the mountain to die for Laius to escape his fate. As the play progresses the idea of figurative and literal blindness is presented when Oedipus and Apollo's oracle are battling with words. Oedipus
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