Fats Waller: A Legend Of Modern Music

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A legend of the modern music was born on 21st of May, 1904 to humble and religious parents in an uptown state of New York. Thomas Wright "Fats" Waller, or simply known as Fats Waller, mom was a well-known instrumentalist who had influenced the boy from his early childhood. His fierce determination for jazz overruled his father’s desire for him to pursue a religious career and do classical music instead of jazz. During his lifetime he wrote multiple classics and showed the world that despite the bounds of society and one's race, one can achieve one’s lifelong dream. He has demonstrated through his lyrics from his songs, even though the world wasn't with him, he loved jazz and also became an idol for modern day jazz and became very relevant …show more content…

This unique combination made him a recipient of multiple awards including the Grammy award. Fats Waller was sometimes referred to as “the greatest comedian who ever played jazz”. He wrote the very first non-black musical, Early to Bed. He also appeared in the film Stormy Weather. He was an African American artist who shaped musical theatre history for all musicians, especially for the blacks. This caused him to give a name for all black people, composers as well as black musicians, making him significant in black history. His works made a big impact on the music industry in the 20th …show more content…

This song made Waller become a famous jazz musician. Not only did this catchy tune influenced his early career, but also paved the way for famous jazz artists including Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway. Billie Holiday and other recording artists did a cover of “Ain't Misbehavin” making Waller an even bigger icon in the history of music. One of the main reasons for its popularity can also be contributed to its simple but moving lyrics. All these factors made this melody to be one of the five known jazz standards written by Waller that is commonly practised by stride pianists to this very day. It's growing popularity continues to this day, and surely musicians will pay tribute to this breath-taking artist in the

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