Favelas Essay

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Nicole Whitehurst
English Literature
Favela’s Essay
September 27, 2012

Poverty has been around for many centuries, all around the world. Some of the societies governments aren’t doing a thing to fix these shanty towns and favelas. They try to keep them isolated from the more wealthy parts of the city. Whether it means putting up fences or just keeping them in a distance from the others. These people are being treated like animals, forced to live in flooded areas on top of one another. The favelas in Rio De Janeiro are very similar to the shanty towns in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Favelas in Rio De Janeiro lie beneath the beautiful part of Brazil. Some of the old famous favelas where made of a mixture of sand and clay. Then eventually
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The only thing the government does is put up gates to separate them from the wealthy part of the city. Many people in Jakarta depend on the communal area to wash their clothing and bathe because they don’t have there own water supply. Nobody deserves to live like this because it is very dangerous and hazardous. Although there isn’t any violence in Jakarta, it’s not a good place to live. Its always flooded so you have to travel on little boats made of wood to get from one place to another. Jakarta’s slums and Rio De Janeiro’s favelas have a lot of things in common. Both of their governments aren’t trying to make these living conditions better. They just keep them secluded in one area away from the wealthy parts of the city. It isn’t safe nor healthy for people to be living in contaminated water or on top of one another in unsteady shacks. People from around the world come to visit these towns because they find it interesting or attractive that people are living like this, instead of trying to help them they just admire the way they are living. Still to this day nothing is being done to improve this situation. Even though people are poor they shouldn’t have to be living like this because they are humans too. Everybody should be treated and looked at equally. Sometimes food is very scarce so people have to go nights without eating anything. No one should have to live there life like
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