Fear Is The Main Reasons For Decision Making As Fear

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Fear is one of the most crucial factors in decision-making as Fear is the main reason on why and how people make decisions in life. It controls the emotions how people everyone lives their lives. Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that something or someone is dangerous, and likely to cause pain or be a threat. Whether they admit it or not, everyone is afraid of something. When people are faced with fear, their reaction is either fight or flight. This comes back to instincts and how if someone perceives an event as harmful, then they will either try and flee to avoid it, or they will try and attack the harmful threat.
People make their choices around what they are afraid of in life. If people are afraid of …show more content…

In order to get this feeling, they must go larger, and do more dangerous stunts. Eventually, their actions become too dangerous and the adrenaline rush that they obtain results in serious consequences and injuries.
Other people experience fear in different ways. For example, scary movies make millions in Hollywood. Many people pay to watch a movie that will not only scare them, but also give them nightmares. The viewers enjoy the little rush they get when something pops out or someone screeches in fear of a murderer.
In Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein, after Frankenstein brings the monster to life, he is afraid and flees the scene, due to the fact that he is afraid that the Edwards 3 monster would harm him. Their instincts told them that they were in danger, so his first reaction was to get to somewhere safe in order to survive. He feared that even though the monster didn’t do anything harmful yet, that he was born to be a menace to society.
In the wild, animals need fear in order to survive in harsh conditions. For example, in Africa, zebras are often hunted by large cats like lions. If they didn’t fear lions than they would not flee from them and they would most likely go extinct. However, due to the fact that they have that fear of being eaten, their instincts tell them to flee the scene and get away from the dangers. This has allowed them to survive for thousands of years even though they’ve been hunted for the span of

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