Fear Of Police Brutality

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Police brutality among minorities is an ongoing problem that has existed in the United States for generations. As our society grows, the effects of police brutality become a bigger concern. The men and women we should be looking up to for protection shouldn’t be the ones people are most fearful of. Some officers take their power to a new extreme, even when the situation doesn’t call for it. Sometimes they abuse their given powers to physically and mentally harm individuals, causing massive protests and riots among the nation. The American Dream was meant for freedom and for everyone to be treated equally, not for people to be abused and persecuted against for having a different color skin. The racial profiling of minority groups has led civilians to distrust police officers, therefore, living in constant fear. Police brutality among minorities is a major concern for our generation. Individuals shouldn’t have to be living in fear of people who shouldn’t be feared at all. Police are meant to be looked up to and trusted as protectors, not as abusers, or in extreme cases, murders. In Ta-Neisi Coates book, Between the World and Me, Coates writes a story for his son, reflecting on his past growing up in America as an African American. He asked, “how do I live free in this black body?” (Coates, 12). Coates is referencing how ever since slavery; African American have been deprived of their human rights. Living in fear doesn’t mean you’re living freely. He explained how every day

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