How Is Grendel Relevant Today

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Terrorism; something people in America fear every day. Soldiers, firemen, and policemen risk their lives daily to try and save someone else’s. Terrorist attacks can be closely related to Grendel and Beowulf to the people that fight for safety each day. Beowulf can be symbolic to the soldiers, firemen, and police, while Grendel can be related to the terrorists of the world. Grendel would make attacks on Herot, and Beowulf came to save the people of Herot and try to keep them out of harms way. Although the gruesome attacks played out by Grendel left excruciating side effects on Herot, nothing can amount to the extreme hardships Americans face today from terrorism. Fear has a certain power over people; it can control them and what they do. In the epic, Beowulf, Grendel carried a fear over the people of Herot; the fear that had kept them from their hall because they feared that Grendel would kill them. In today’s society, the fear of terrorism is similar. Many people fear that someday someone will come and take their life and others that they care about. In Beowulf, people stayed isolated from the hall, but now American people cannot just avoid prominent places that have been attacked. American people have to continue their lives and their day-to-day activities. Soldiers, police, and firefighters are like today’s society Beowulf. The King of the Geats came to Herot and gave people a sense of relief that they would not have to worry about Grendel anymore. Beowulf traveled to

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