Fear in the Characters of The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

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Inside us all there is a deep dark fear this is what grabs us by the thresh hold of life. It controls the most important aspects of our lives. This is found within the deepest and darkest chasms of our souls. The very creature that wreaks havoc in our minds we cage and never confront we lock this beast away to afraid to overcome it. If the beast is not confronted it begins to contort and change who we are as a person and how we interact with others. Even the very decisions we make as a person to affect those around us and are loved ones to also suffer the consequences of our actions. Such as the crucible and how each person was warped into their own monster by greed. John proctor a simple man who had always done right by him and his …show more content…

She is sent into a spiral of confusion for her lust of John Proctor and is sent by her beast to do irrational thinking and send out a spell asked of by Abigail to Tituba who's is the creator of the demons within herself and others. The actions to come from Abigail will not only get her sent out of the Proctor house but only swirl like a hurricane and suck others into the eye to grab there attention and escalate the true happenings of false accusations to behold the uncertainty of others in the village. Although Abigail did go to face her demon John himself but had failed to overcome her most desired need of him to be with her she did not have the strength inside her to overcome the fear of rejection in the end which lead her to think irrationally when this demon walks in her body like a devils play ground to do as he pleases so she may have her most desired possession. No matter what the demon wants what it wants so she lies and proclaims false hoods on her fellow citizens and obtains followers to fall to her own cult which these demon uses to its advantage to cause the deaths of many citizens to gets it way. Although Abigail is still within the demon has taken control her worst fear has happened proctor no longer wants her so the demons reign has ended. She runs from the false hoods that

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