Federal Funding With Stem Cell Research

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Stem cell research is extremely prevalent in today’s society, and on the other hand controversial. When thinking of stem cell research many questions, and challenges arise from it. Some problems that arise from the topic of stem cell research involves, religious beliefs, personal, and ethical beliefs. In the next few paragraphs the facts of stem cell research will be mentioned, and questions will be answered with factual evidence. When the topic of stem cell research, and/ or treatment, people generally automatically jump to the conclusion of embryonic stem cells, when in retrospect according to, an organization based website that is dedicated to supplying the public with the latest news and information on stem cells. According to the article there a few different types of stem cells. The first type of stem cell is, embryonic. Embryonic stem cells are grown in a laboratory from embryos cells at an early stage. The second type of stem cell is tissue stem cells. Tissue stem cells are found in all different parts of the body. Lastly the third type of stem cell is, Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS), or 'reprogrammed' stem cells. IPSC are similar to embryonic stem cells but they are from adult specialized cells. Stem cell therapies are not new to the public. Hospitals have been doing bone marrow stem cell transplants for medical treatments. When scientists in 1998 found out they could remove stem cells from human embryos, some people liked the newly
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