Female Criminality

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Female criminality attributes the disparities to the “masked behaviour” of female incidental to their roles (Pollak, 1950). Females have committed all types of crimes such as shoplifting, robbery and murder. However it is very rare that you would find a female committing murder as they are weaker than men and thus it is mostly the minor crimes they commit so they can get away with it.
There are certain characteristics that were found in women who were in prison. These characteristics are age, marital status, ethnic group and rationality and education. According to research, majority of female offenders were under the age of 35 and following up were those under the age of 25. In the investigation it found that many of the older females
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There are many circumstances linked to crime. The first circumstance is an act of desperation. Many female offenders are the breadwinners of their family and need to provide for their family thus because they do not have enough they turn towards crime to help them. For example a poor woman who has a baby and cannot afford to buy food may steal a loaf of bread from a shop just to feed her child, it may be seen as an innocent crime yet it is still wrong. The second circumstance is taking a chance. This is when the offender sees an opportunity to steal without getting caught. For example an unattended display of clothes or shoes may be seen as an opportunity to steal clothes for her child or for her to keep warm. The third circumstance is nothing to lose. Some offenders may have lost their job and thus feel a sense of worthlessness and disappointment so they feel that if they commit crime it won’t matter as they have nothing to lose since they already lost their job. Fourthly is a rational economic decision , since they are unemployed and lack of income they make a rash decision to commit crime as they have no other choice, they are unable to find the rightful means of gaining some source of income. Fifthly is a way of asserting economic or emotional independence. This is when individuals have no other way to get out of a situation than to commit a crime, for example a woman who is being abused may find the only way to
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