Female Involvement During World War II Essay

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Roma Raje IBHOLA Period 1 FEMALE INVOLVEMENT IN WORLD WAR II World War II was a time where women were generally expected to stay at home and take care of the kids while their husbands went off to fight. During the war, women helped out with the war effort in many different ways because they cared about their country just as much as the men did, but they often had to prove themselves as capable of taking on different responsibilities during World War II. Women contributed in many different ways, but some really stood out because these women completely abandoned their traditional domestic sphere to help our country. Aside from serving in an army branch designated for women, many ladies were able to get their pilot licenses and operate American military aircrafts. A lot of the factory jobs that were meant for men were given to women while men were fighting for their country. Some women even went deeper into the war effort by risking their lives and going undercover as spies. Though many women across the globe were participating in such activities, it’s still unbelievable to think that women could break so many boundaries during such a sexist period of time. These women all had different jobs and experiences, such as nursing, working as a war correspondent, and spying to collect secrets for their country. Out of their many options, spies were the most useful to the war effort because their dangerous work could influence the results of battles and could save lives before they

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