Female Participation And Gang Activities Essay

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Female participation in gang activities acquired greatest attention due to its “ sensational nature of the media 's portrayal of 'girl gangsters ' (...). During the period of 1990 and of the new millennium” (need or not?) This attention (...) “has also contributed to a renewed academic interest in female gangs.” (Nurge_2003, p 1)
There existed a “traditional view” (Hunt et al._2000) of female gang members, and it “contrasts sharply with recent public discussions about female gang members, which indicate that these females are no longer simply male gang members ' "molls" but are establishing their own ground, taking an active, independent role in crime and violence” (Hunt et al._2000).

I think it 's necessary to start here from the initial motivations and reasons for joining the gang. Those are, through might be similar for both genders in some cases, overall female has different reasons to engage in a gang than male. And often those reasons are more complex than just “the problems of adolescent maladjustment or teenage rebellion.” (Hunt et al._2000) “Sex composition, independent of sex itself, is important in shaping the norms and activities of the gang and their members.” (Peterson et al., 2001, p 1 )

The family thus plays a central role in the structure and process of "gender as social control". (Hunt et al._2000) I believe the role and the importance female accord for their family are naturally more higher than those of male. But after the reading of this

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