Feminism : An African American Woman

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“Feminism consist of ideas and beliefs of what culture is really like for women just because they are women, compare to what the world is like for men just because they are men” (Lewis). Women are not treated equally to men and we are taken advantage of more compared to men. It’s one thing to be a woman but to be an African American woman is even worse. I never knew much about feminism until a year ago it came up in a class and I sat down and did my research. It’s sad how much women are looked down upon simply because we are women. We deserve to be more equal to men, some women can do the same job as a man, maybe even better. I consider myself a feminist because as a woman I want to be valued and have the same opportunity as a man. I came across a picture that stated “I don’t need feminism because ours sons are not inherent rapist and out daughters are not perpetual victims” (Bodenner), all feminist don’t consider men as rapist; especially me.
Women are underestimated but not all women can be underestimated because some were raised by men. The women that had their fathers around more than likely know how to do things that an average female wouldn’t. Growing up my father always said he was gone teach me how to change a tire, or change oil and know things about a car so I wouldn’t have to depend on a man. I never knew what he meant by that until I grew up and seen how women are looked down upon. He always said that a woman can’t go to car dealerships, house hunting or

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