Feminist Perspectives On Criminology

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In this paper, I will set out to uncover the impact of feminist approaches within criminology. It will demonstrate how these theoretical perspectives have changed our opinion on women as victims, as well as criminals themselves. By exploration of taboo subjects such as the danger of prostitution looking into how it can prove problematic for feminism. In addition to the labelling of domestic violence, whilst uncovering a variety of key theorists and perspectives. Feminism is crucial to the study of criminology as it takes away traditional explanations of crime and uncovers an entirely different perspective of crime and criminal behaviour. Feminist Criminology contains many different extensions Liberal, Radical, Marxist, Socialist etc.. This …show more content…

In Criminology, altogether makes space for the voices of women. There are different contentions put crosswise over women in the field of criminology that offer a perspective as to women as criminals or victims of crime (Mallicoat, 2012).

Feminist opinions on prostitution are widely varied, with differing opinions both for and against prostitution. Those opposed to prostitution believe it to be a form of exploitation of women, it is thought that it makes women appear redundant which in turn keeps male domination intact resulting in an unfair patriarchal society. It reinforces negative stereotypes of the acceptance of women being sexually objectified for the sexual gratification of men. Therefore, prostitution is viewed as a crime an act of violence against women of which should be deemed unacceptable in modern day society (O'Neill and Maggie, 2000). These feminists put forward the notion that entry into prostitution in the majority is not a freedom of choice. It is an entrapment in which either women in financial difficulty are driven too or they are often victims of human trafficking. Their argument is that no one truly enters into prostitution through their own free will. Women who enter prostitution do so through desperation to feed an alcohol/drug addiction, or to fill a void of damage caused by previous sexual abuse or simply because

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