Feminism Is A Conflict Theory

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In this essay it will assess to what extent feminism has added to our understanding of society. Firstly, Feminism is a conflict theory that believes that all religions are instruments set up by men to oppress women with the set of beliefs and practices. There are many different branches of feminism; the ones being evaluated are called Liberal, Radical and Marxist feminists. Feminists believe that society is malestream and not mainstream as people believe. The first main flaw in feminist theory is the fact that feminists only examine society from the viewpoint of women, they do this because they believe they are in fact helping fight against the oppression of women but the problem is that they do not examine the views of many male counterparts and therefore cannot help us completely understand our society. The main differentiation between the different feminist theories is the way that the oppression against women is caused. Firstly, Liberal feminist are focused on human and civil rights and freedom of individuals, to summarise, they believe that all humans should have equal rights within their society. They believe that society changing itself to help women does not happen. Liberal feminists believe the status of women changing can become a reality if laws that are oppressing for women change because it would create more opportunities for women to prove that they are equal to men. Oakley explains a difference between sex and gender. Oakley believes sex differences are set
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