Feminism Portrayed in Three Different Time Periods Essay

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Feminism is something that has played with Literature since the beginning of time. Novels and poems were a way for women to express themselves in ways that they never could at home. I chose pieces of Literature from the three different time periods that we have covered. For the Romantic Era, I chose the differences between Barbauld and Wollstonecraft. For the Victorian Era, I chose “Mrs. Warren’s Profession”. For the 20th Century, I chose “To Room 19”. Barbauld and Wollstonecraft were both feminists. The differences between them vary from Wollstonecraft’s devout Christianity, and Barbauld’s in-your-face feminist views. Wollstonecraft agreed with the views that women should not be walked on, and wrote “Vindication for the Rights of Women”.…show more content…
I don’t believe that what she did was wrong. I think she found a way for her family where there wasn’t one, and just because she wasn’t society’s idea of a lady means that she was not a good person. “To Room 19” is one of the more depressing ideas of feminism. This story shows a woman who did everything right, but none of it mattered in the end. Susan loved her husband, and did everything that he asked. Susan was the perfect housewife that did everything she was asked. She never fought or yelled, even when her husband cheated on her. The downside to being the “perfect” woman is you are not yourself. She held everything in to the point where she lost who she was. She became a robot to society. Susan thought that by allowing her husband to do whatever he wanted, she would find her own happiness. She lost herself when she held in all of her feelings. Susan killed herself because she was miserable, and nobody noticed. The idea of feminism in this story is that a “perfect” woman to society is a miserable woman. Society believed through the ages that women were to be seen, and not heard. Clean, cook, and take care of the children. Those were the tasks assigned to women, and to stray from that path was dishonorable. Of all the stories, and movies that we have seen play out over the years there will never be true equality among men and women. I chose these pieces to prove that views of women may change slightly over the
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