Feminist In The Great Gatsby

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Today, our society is a very judgemental and economic status based society. I will be looking throughout 3 stories using the Marxist lens. We tend to think that we are all split up into different class mainly based on wealthiness, race, gender and ethnicity. People tend to think that the more money you have the more economic status and power you should have over lower class people. Marxists believe that a human’s ability to produce goods and services means people can move past the conflicts of a society that is divided into classes. “First class and coach land at the same runway at the same time.” The person who said this quote was steve jobs and I really loved it because it showed how the classes arent that different. People should not be treated any differently based on economic status and wealth.

In the great Gatsby, There are 2 different classes being shown between characters. Tom and Gatsby are the 2 most wealthy people in the story. Socially , Gatsby hides his origins, he pretends he has a higher status. This highlights the distinctions made in American society between ‘old money’ and the ‘new money’ or ‘newly rich’ such as Dan Cody and Gatsby . In chapter 6, Tom clearly recognises the social distinction, while Gatsby does not, causing him to be excluded from the supper party. Gatsby's wealth is more about criminal things, throwing parties and driving nice cars and over all having the “American Dream”, and based off Gatsbys definition of it, most americans

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