Feminization Of Poverty And Gender Roles Essay

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Assignment #4 Feminization of Poverty It is the term given to the trend where women represent a disproportionate percentage of the world poor. Here are many factors that contribute to this trend. The factors that got my attention was being a single mother or just being a female. Often now days society claims to give woman the same right as man. But in real life woman do not get the same right as a man. A woman can get to the same position a man is but the struggle and the effort would be bigger. According to the theory of social roles, gender stereotypes arise as a consequence of the existence of gender roles - social expectations, prescribing a person a certain behavior depending on his gender. In other words, watching how representatives of different genders deal with different things, people conclude that they are fundamentally different from each other. At the same time, gender stereotypes are the mechanism for maintaining gender roles: beliefs about the unique qualities and distinctive features of a particular gender are used to justify the need to behave in accordance with the appropriate gender role. The United Nations considers this problem global and encourages States to modify existing gender model, preserving a system of unequal values and double standards. In terms of gender mainstreaming, gender-based discrimination and gender inequality are the major problems in the labor market, which leave their mark on the development of individual regions and the country

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