Fences Troy Maxon Analysis

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Cinthya Castro Del Angel
Professor Garcia
October 17, 2017
Volcanic Troy

Troy Maxon the protagonist from August Wilson’s play, Fences projects anger unfairly to innocent by standards, friends and family. Throughout his life, he faced many adversities souring his view on life and brewing resentment; soon creating conflict within his family through his hostile demeanor. The Author demonstrates the transformation of Troy Maxon from beloved husband to dying lonely and hated.
Growing up in a poor black family of eleven children during the early 1900’s is not easy, a mixture of poverty, racism and an abusive father paved the way for Troy’s anger. His father was selfish and unloving towards his children, mainly using them as slaves to work at a very young age to bring in more cotton to sell. This leads Troy to use the analogy “Man would sit down and eat two chickens and give you the wing” (1859 Wilson). Although he did not like his father at all, he respected his father for never leaving his kids or home. Unfortunately, this respect was short lived, their relationship reached a boiling point when Troy was fourteen. While skipping work on the farm to mess around with a young girl his father caught Troy, beat him then tried to sexually assault the young girl. Leading to an even more physical confrontation that ultimately convinced Troy to leave his home at age fourteen and raise himself. Once older Troy landed in jail, learning how to play baseball while

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