Fetal Alcohol Syndrome : Causes And Effects

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Alcohol plays a major role in society today. We consume alcohol for many purposes such as gatherings, holidays, or self fulfillment. One of the most frowned upon things that come with drinking in our society is drinking during pregnancy. Nonetheless, consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can result in pathologies for the mothers fetus leading to growth, mental, and physical birth defects, also known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The severity of the effects from this syndrome can vary and are divided into two separate categories; Alcohol-related neurodevelopment disorder and alcohol-related birth defects. Each of these will have a long term effect on the child. No amount of alcohol is safe to consume during pregnancy. There is never a safe amount of alcohol that can be consumed during pregnancy. If a pregnant woman consumes any percent of alcohol, so does her unborn child which can lead to major defects in the mother fetus. Alcohol passes through the mother’s placenta into her bloodstream and goes straight into the baby, since the fetus cannot break down alcohol the way an adult can, the blood alcohol level will remain very high in the immature body of the fetus for a longer period of time, putting the baby in risk of fetal alcohol syndrome. Once alcohol enters the fetus many other damaging defects can occur. “Alcohol can trigger cell death, causing different parts of the fetus to develop abnormally along with the way nerve cells
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