Field Experience Written Assignment At The Vietnamese Buddhist Association Of Louisville, Ky Inc.

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Field Experience Written Assignment Throughout my life I have been exposed to Christianity. My parents are Christians, and that is all I have known my whole life. When I enrolled in this class I knew that I would be challenged to go to another religion service and I looked forward to it. It was a different, but interesting experience for me. I chose to go to the Vietnamese Buddhist Association of Louisville, Ky Inc. I will talk about the assumptions I had regarding the tradition before I discuss my experience at the temple. I came in knowing more than I would have because we had already discussed the Buddhist religion in class. The perception I had going in was very different than what I experienced. I thought that it was going to…show more content…
Before this semester I had never been taught their beliefs, and I only had knowledge of what I have seen on the internet depicting it as a joke rather than a serious religious practice. But this all changed after the lectures in class and visiting the service at the temple. I had an experience I will never forget because it was so different than my own religion. I went to the service with a friend from my class. We decided to go to the Adult Buddhists service on Sunday at noon. We got there early around 11:20 AM. When we walked up to the temple there was a sculpture outside that was about as tall as the building. We later learned that it was custom to bow and pray before entering the temple. Once we were inside the temple we stood over and watched the service. Somehow we were late to the service even though we were early according prayer starting time on the website. We went off the website they use for their information so I guess they start earlier than the start time. The first part of the service involved the members walking around the center room and chanting. Also there was a beating of a loud drum. There were probably around thirty people in the room. They continued to walk and chant for twenty minutes. In the ring of people there was a monk with a microphone chanting. He was leading the chanting of the group. Once they were done with the walking they started
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