Figurative Language In Poe

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This paper will define imagery, metaphors, rhyme and structure and will also discuss the importance of figurative language in poetry and how it communicates to the reader.

First I will define imagery, followed by metaphors, rhythm, structure and the importance of figurative language. Imagery is associated with mental pictures but it can be more complex than just a picture. “ The Things They Carried,” Tim O’Brien tells the story of each soldier by simply describing what he carries. Users of vivid description hold the readers interest. (Crossroads, p.23). Another example would be Anton Chekhov in “ Misery”, users of abstract concept in his story such as misery and a society that doesn’t care about an individual’s pain.
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The poem had been made up of three stanzas describe the subject and the fourth stanza which give the reader a shock with Cory’s act of suicide. The poem contain the use of rich languages. The narrator doesn’t used rhythmical devices, no simile, no symbolism, and no metaphor but contains rich words with character. “Went down town” indicate a different neighborhood, he seems to live in a wealthy neighborhood. The main characteristic of this poem is the differences between the wealthy and the less-well-off. There is a distinction that shows the comparison between “Us” and “Him”. “We people on the pavement looked at him” shows clearly the comparison between the lower class and the upper class. This poem shows a sensory experience rather than vivid image that you can visualize. I think this poem is trying to show is that money is not everything, you may be wealthy but you are lonely and sad or even sick. Richard Cory seems that he doesn’t show his emotions and at the some point he couldn’t hold it and decided to end his life. What we can take from this poem is that appearance is deceiving but looking at the picture closely we can find much more than we think. It rhythm flows, it shows the human characteristic and express all this while being literal without any metaphor or

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