Film Analysis Of Blade Runner

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Blade Runner The early Ridley Scott directed Blade Runner (1982) after his latest hit Alien (1979) you can clearly see his style being an innovator in his field and his masterful use of water and smoke, giving all his movies his unique sense of style. Not to mention the perfect world he builds for his movies, Blade Runner has a dark futuristic city vibe yet vibrant with neon lights and crowds of people. The conventions being a gritty sci-fi noir. The context of this world that of which takes place in 2019 in a futuristic Los Angeles that has off-world colonies and advanced technology. The sound scored by Vangelis masterfully mixes the music with the sounds of the world making them both one, turning the city alive. The way Scott makes us…show more content…
Another scene that 's so well done, when we see a flying cop car and the music plays a sound that looks and matches exactly what anyone would think that type of vehicle would actually sound like, but the music isolated still sounds amazing and yet it all manages to work together. I would consider a man like Vangelis that can subconsciously add to the world without having us see it makes the use of sound utterly incredible. The film has heavy themes on the repercussions of manufacturing of bio-androids called replicants, Almost indistinguishable from real humans, flesh, and blood but treated as slaves or enemies to be slaughtered with no remorse when looking for freedom, even though they are sentient beings able to enjoy human things and emotions. Even a trained replicant killer like Rick Deckard falls for the realism of a replicant, After telling Rachael, a replicant who thought she was human that her life is a lie and that she has implanted memories. She cries showing true emotions and sadness, Deckard a man who has killed countless replicants actually feels bad for her. He says it was a bad joke feeling bad for the damage he 's done to this young lady. In this world when there are these people who are made not born but feel as real as anything is it right to treat them as slaves? The use of androids to benefit the human race seems like a good thing but
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