Final Evaluation of Service Learning Experience for Project SHINE

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Project SHINE deals with integrating immigrants and refugees into this country. African Family Health Organization (AFAHO) is the name of the site I was placed in through project SHINE. Students volunteering for project SHINE are instructed to teach ESL without having been previously licensed to do so. Student teaching learners English do not go too indebt when dealing with the English language. We are told not to go deep into grammar, as the learners are there to generally become comfortable with the English language. Whether it is from learning the alphabet, months of the year, how to ask for help, read street signs, and count change at the grocery store the learners surely do learn a lot and in my experience have obtained a lot of …show more content…

I’ve grown to know more about myself through this experience and plan to continue working with project SHINE for many years to come. I thoroughly enjoyed my placement at this nearby community organization.
I began this service-learning opportunity with intentions of it being extremely easy and effortless. My weakness would have been my assumptions made prior to starting this volunteer experience because it proved to be far more difficult then I had imagined. Laziness also proved to be my most distinguishable weakness as I grew tired of simply waking up earlier to go to my site. I overcame this obstacle by setting many alarms and enjoyed myself once I actually reached my site. The extrovert in me shining through would have to be my biggest strength during this semester with project SHINE. The ability to have a class feel comfortable made things much easier when teaching English. If I were given the opportunity to start this experience over I would excommunicate procrastination from my life when it came to coming up with lesson plans and I would go to sleep earlier the previous evening so that I could ensure that my performance would be impeccable every morning at my site. Making friends and putting smiles on the faces of those that once felt alone would have to be my biggest contribution and satisfying moment during this period of service. The most frustrating part of the placement would have to have been my many efforts

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