Financial Aid Argumentative Essay

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Thousands of people dedicate their life to working in the financial aid field, and billions of people are sent financial aid daily; however, the system has flaws that must be changed. Financial aid is sent out to millions of people who do not use the money in the intended manner; and in turn, are stealing from our government. Government financial aid should be given based on GPA, how many hours have been put into a job or career, community service hours, etc., because it would prevent the government from providing financial aid to individuals whom are inadequate. Nonetheless, thousands of Americans that are receiving financial aid qualify and are in need of the financial aid in order to keep themselves and their family alive and well, or go through the schooling to receive the education that they desire. …show more content…

Some of these categories involve being a citizen or eligible noncitizen of the United States, have a social security number, a high school diploma, must be enrolled as a student seeking a degree or certificate, and several others (Jewish Exponent, 23). If you do not fit into one or more of these requirements, you are not eligible for federal student aid. This system may be effective to eliminate several individuals whom may be recognized immediately as ineligible; however, as we look deeper into the process, we see that in these arias it becomes more common for some individuals to slip past. Thousands of students have found cheat tactics to sneak past the various different scans that the governments student financial aid sources, such as FAFSA,

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