Financial Case Study: Tom The Turkey

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Tom the turkey Tom the Turkey was very excited, He was going to see his family for Thanksgiving. They lived 195 miles away in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Tom liked to plan before he took any trips so he would know what it was going to cost him. First thing he would need was some clothes. He needed 5 items, a sweater costing $47.50, a pair of blue jeans costing $79.99, a scarf costing $15.75, a pair of mittens costing $5.99, and a pair of boots costing $89.99. Tom knew that there would be 7% sales tax, but he had a coupon for 33.3% off. After figuring out the cost he knew it would total $148.39. Tom the Turkey owned a car that got 32 miles to the gallon of gas, and he knew that gas cost $3.10 per gallon and being a very

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