Financial Ratios Of Target Corporation

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In this section, vital financial ratios of Target Corporation is computed to evaluate its financial performance. Also, it will explain how the principal of finance “Market price reflects information” is justified through the explanation of Target’s ratio analysis. (The evaluated ratios are compared with 2015 ratios to better understand the specific ratio’s although the company would publish its financial statement for 2015 in coming April). • The liquidity of firm can be measured by computing certain ratio’s such as current ratio and acid ratio. For measuring Target Corporation’s 2014 liquidity; the firm’s current ratio and the acid ratio is computed. The company’s current ratio is 0.91 times which is computed by comparing current asset ($11, 573,000) with current liabilities ($12,777, 000) of the year 2014 (TGT Company Financial, n.d). The firm’s acid ratio is 0.26 times which is computed by deducting inventory ($8,278,000) from current assets. The inventory is deducted from current assets because the company has not received any money for the unfinished good or from unsold inventory worth ($8,278,000). To analyze the Target Corporation’s liquidity trend in 2014; the current ratio and acid ratio of 2014 is compared with the 2015’s ratios. In 2015, the firm’s current ratio was 1.20 times and the acid ratio was 0.45 times. These liquidity ratios reflect that the firm’s liquidity was better in 2015 than 2014. (See Table 1). • The inventory turnover ratio is essential to

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