Finding Humor in Grendel

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The book Grendel by John Gardner is about a lonely, nihilistic beast that spends the story suffering through life and feeding its blood lust. Yes it is hilarious. If you don't think my first two sentences go together, then you didn't read Grendel. Despite the obvious drama and suffering that he story's main character, Grendel, goes through John Gardner finds a way to put comedy into his work. Gardner, however, very rarely uses this comedy as a form of comic relief to lighten the story, if anything this humor makes the story even darker by highlighting the ignorance of mankind and a nihilist's outlook on life. Men's lack of intelligence is apparent from Grendel's first encounter with men. Though in some ways sad, when the men have …show more content…

There are plenty of fools that would." (Gardner 118) It's hard to grasp hard to grasp how ruining institution and morals is an act of creation. I guess since I am using it as an example of comedy that would make me a fool though. There are sometimes in the story where the comedy isn't so dark, but more of a way to lighten the mood of the story. When Beowulf arrives in Hrothgar's hall, everyone celebrates and gets drunk, so something funny is bound to happen. "Hrothgar told the

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