Finding Nemo, A Generation's Favorite Movie

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Finding Nemo, a younger generation’s favorite movie that quickly became close to many children’s hearts. Those hearts included some of our group members and with little disagreement, it was decided that we would concentrate our efforts on this film. But what does a children’s movie have to do with a Communication class, or more precisely a problem solving assignment? When we first watched the film as children, we probably didn’t realizes that there were any problem solving sequences in the film. However, after learning the material in class, we re-watched the film and found it had a multitude of examples for the problem solving sequences. In order for Marlin to find his son, and for Nemo to be freed from the tank, they used the problem solving sequence to determine different methods to create the unique solution they needed. As our project continued on, all of our members had different opinions on how well we believed we were successful. One of our group members believed we were a successful group since we were able to agree on almost everything easily as well as able to get along. They also thought our persistence was admirable due to the fact that we worked through the struggles of not being able to meet in person. Even though our first attempt at communicating through texting did not work well, we tried other methods, such as Canvas’ announcement features and pages. Another mem er in our group stated that it remains to be seen since we still have time before the

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