Fire in Hean Rhy´s Wide Sargasso Sea Essay

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(Somewhat effective but could use improvement)In life fire represents so many different physiological elements as well as multiple physical things. Its an element that has both positive and negative traits : traits that have been vital for human survival throughout time. Physically, fire can destroy, destabilize and provides an essential resource for humans. Physiologically fire can provide protection, hope, and direction. (thesis) In Jean Rhys’s novel Wide Sargasso Sea fire is the symbol used to represent the motif of trauma. This motif of trauma connects to Rhys’ theme that unless people who suffer trauma eventually learn to cope with it, it will build psychologically and will eventually be released …show more content…

Throughout Rhys’ novel Antoinette uses the word fire consistently and perpetually but unknowingly. Antoinette doesn't understand the significance of this word. For example : “Underneath, I will write my name in fire red, Antoinette Mason.”(34) and “We watched the sky and the distant sea on fire - all colours were in that fire and the huge clouds fringed and shot with flame “ (65) In general conversation Antoinette uses it regularly which provides many instance for the reader to become aware of the reality of the situation.

As in the beginning of the novel the novel ends with the burning of Rochester's house in England. The initial instance that fire became significant was when the house in Coulibri burned down. Fire sparked an subconscious trauma within Antoinette. This trauma is harnessed within her until she sets fire to Rochester's house in England. “But I looked at the dress on the floor and it was as if the fire had spread across the room. It was beautiful and it reminded me of something I must do. “(149) The last few pages of the novel serve as summary to expose all of her subconscious trauma that she suffered throughout her life. She expresses acknowledgement of the trauma build up inside of her. All of the buit up trauma within her leeds up to the climax, setting fire to Rochester's home.

Throughout the novel fire has developed as a significant symbolic element. Antoinette

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