First Day Of High School Essay

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Stage 1: It is the first day of high school. New students will be excited and ready to explore, yet not everything will go as planned. Your new and old students will have some things in common. You're so nervous and excited for your first day of high school EVER, you barely got any sleep and you're already wide awake by the time your alarm, was supposed to go off, but it didn’t You start getting ready, hair, face, outfit. Oh and speaking of outfits, you probably have yours planned out a month before school started. You have to walk to the bus stop and when your bus arrives you are in shock, it is full of kids from every grade possible, it's a mixing bowl, a bit of freshman, with 2 teaspoons of sophomores and a cup of junior and a little sprinkle of seniors. You scan it to see if your friends are on the bus but as usual, you are a loner so you sit in the 3 row. Your first mistake happened already, you sat in the boys’ section and soon later, you realize your mistake, so you just slowly go to the girls’ section hoping no one realized it.
At first, you will walk into the gym everything looked new and shiny. You can see your reflection of off the bleachers and you can smell the strong, killing scent of Clorox. People are everywhere in the gym. You will walk in and find your friends from middle school that you probably have not seen all summer long. You guys sprint across to gym floor to huge other and people from the bleachers see a huge circle of screaming girls in a

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