First Degree Murder In The Film 12 Angry Men

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First degree murder is the charge, and the vote must be twelve to zero either way. Eleven to one is the results of the first vote by the jury in the movie 12 Angry Men. The jury is to decide if an eighteen-year-old boy is guilty of first degree murder. If he is found guilty, he will be sent to the chair. The film 12 Angry Men uses Mr. Davis to make the jury study the details of the case through the truth, his kindness, and his belief that every life matters.
Mr. Davis's finding of the truth forces the jury to study the details of the murder trial. First, he forces the jury to look at the murder weapon. The murder weapon is a switch knife with a pattern on the handle. According to the store owner, he sold a knife to the eighteen-year-old boy. The store owner claims to have never seen another one like it, yet when Mr. Davis goes to the same shop he buys a switch knife identical to the murder weapon, proving there is a chance that that someone else has committed the murder. Second, an old man says that he hears the boy yell "I'll kill you", then a split second later hears the body hit the floor, but this is all happening with the L train going by. The jury agrees that an L train with 6 cars would take 10 second to pass by the apartment building. Mr. Davis asks if anyone has ever lived by the L tracks, and no one has, but him. Mr. Davis states "When the L train goes by. It's so loud you can barely hear yourself think." Soon another member of the jury says that he was painting a

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