Essay on First Semester in Bryant College

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Coming to think of it now, the past three and a half months went past like a whirlwind. An endless number of questions, concerns and thoughts came to mind when I packed my bags and left home for a long period of time without the presence and support of my family and friends. Growing up in a sheltered household, I was always around people that were close to me and knew me. When the time came to say goodbye, it became more evident that I was on my own now. The responsibilities had now increased and all my decisions were on my own account. There was no one to hold my hand and tell me right from wrong. I had to use my own ethical judgment, remember my morals and values and make decisions accordingly.
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A few of my preferred ones are like the “Reading for Optimal Academic Performance” session by Pat Lange where I learnt the importance of reading and how it forms the basis for a lifelong set of learning skills. Another one was the “Learning about Plagiarism” session by Stephanie Carter, from where I learnt about how rules of plagiarism differ in various countries and mainly the rules that I need to follow. I also liked various others which include the “Psychology of Procrastination”, “Preparing and Giving Presentations” and the “Ethics Event”.
At the beginning of the year, I was very shy and didn’t feel like interacting with people at the beginning. Back in March 2011, I met with an accident that injured me so badly that I was unconscious in the ICU for nearly a week. Fortunately, none of my injuries left me handicapped or hindered in any way. When I started college, I started to realize that life is too short to waste on being shy and introverted, while you know that, in college, you are going to meet people that will change your life. Throughout the semester, the friendships I made here will last forever. I have realized that each and every person I have met here have influenced my in some way and have had an impact on my life.
I’ve learned that nervousness is just an illusion, and next semester I hope to approach it differently. As I’ve learned from this semester that there are more to people than what meets the eye, and that has got me curious. It gives

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