Fiscal Policy And Fiscal Policies

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Fiscal Policy

Generally fiscal policy is the set of strategies that government implements or plans to use with certain activities such as the collection of revenues and taxes and expenditure that can influence the overall economic condition of the nation. A well written or planned fiscal policy can lead the nation to the steady path of the strong economy, increase employment and also maintains healthy inflation. Every country needs fiscal policy as fiscal policy plays a vital role on monitoring the pattern of the flow of nation’s expenditure to the economy and also the nation’s revenue generated from the economy. It also helps to stimulate the economic growth during the period of economic recession. The main aim of the fiscal policy is to maintain a steady fiscal growth with respect to both higher and lower economic cycle. There is an intimate relationship between fiscal and monetary policy though these both entities are conducted for different purposes. These are basically not the alternative but the complement to each other. Fiscal policy always supports monetary policy during the time of recession such as Global Financial Crisis of 2008.Many countries enacted lots of stimulus plans related to fiscal policy in order to cope with the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Among those India also adopted many different new techniques of fiscal policy in order to survive during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.
India is a federal democratic country located in South Asia region

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