Fishing on Eagle Lake Essay

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The mid May morning that Blaine, Roger and I set out on our annual fishing trip to Eagle Lake in the Allagash Waterway was bright and clear. The Ice on the lake had just gone out and it brought the promise of early season Brook Trout fishing. Eagle Lake, remote and unspoiled, is reached only by boat via the portage station at Indian Stream, and the lone building on the shores of the lake is the Ranger’s cabin. When we drove into the parking lot at the portage station, I noticed the game warden examining a fiery red pickup. We got out and stretched, and then Roger said to the warden, “Hey, how’s the fishing?” He spun around as if startled and said, “I’d tell you if I knew, but I don’t know anything. The owner of this truck hasn’t …show more content…

Soper Brook is a thing of true beauty. On both banks of the stream, the trees hang down as if they are protecting something. As we were paddling back, I happened to look into the woods and saw a shadowy figure peering at us; it was a dark figure observing our every move. I yelled to Blaine and Roger to look, but as soon as they gandered over the shadowy figure had disappeared within the densely wooded area. I must have been imagining things, I thought to myself. On our way back to the campsite, we noticed something amiss. Adjacent to our campsite, a massive fire was roaring. The thick gray smoke from the fire was billowing into the sky, hovering over a good portion of the lower lake. The smoke danced as the wind pushed it around. “Ranger’s going to have a heart attack when he sees that,” Blaine sneered. We needed fresh water and there was a spring at the mouth of Soper Brook. While Roger and I watched the smoke billow into the sky, Blaine went and got a jug of fresh water from the spring. When Blaine returned to our canoe, he looked confused. “There’s a bunch of blue tarps up there, it looks like a shanty of some sort,” Blaine said. “You guys want to go check it out?” “Can we wait until tomorrow? My stomach’s getting the best of me. Besides the weatherman predicted that there is supposed to be some thunderstorms this afternoon and into tonight. Look over there the clouds are

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