Fixing a Car

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It is estimated that over 100,000 patents created the modern automobile. The history of the automobile reflects an evolution that took place worldwide. Since then, 21st century car tools have evolved, affecting automotive servicing in a positive and negative prospective. Reflecting the way that cars have evolved, the way car mechanics service them has also changed dramatically. A lot has changed from tools and engines, to the different types of mechanics there are now.
Although the blueprint for the modern automobile was perfected in Germany and France in the late 1800s, the very first self-propelled road vehicle was a military tractor invented by French engineer and mechanic, Nicolas Joseph Cugnot, in 1769. Cugnot used a steam engine to power his vehicle. The military tractor was used by the French Army to haul artillery at speeds of 2 ½ miles per hour, resting only on three wheels. This tractor had to stop every ten to fifteen minutes to build up steam power again. In 1770, Cugnot built a steam-powered tricycle that carried four passengers. Fun Fact: In 1771, Cugnot drove one of his road vehicles into a stone wall, making Nicolas Joseph Cugnot the first person to get into a motor vehicle accident. Cugnot’s vehicle was improved by Frenchman, Onesiphore Pecqueur, who also invented the first differential gear.
In 1789, Oliver Evans was granted the first U.S. patent for a steam-powered land vehicle. At the age of eighteen, Evan began his inventing of a new high-pressure steam

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