Fleming And His Amazing Discovery Of Penicillin

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Fleming and His Amazing Discovery of Penicillin
BIOL 1010
Professor: James Cheetham
Student: Hyun Hong
October 6th, 2015

Biotechnology has a long history of helping human beings have a better quality of life. Over the decades, numerous scientists have made substantial contributions to biotechnology. Among these scientists, I think Alexander Fleming made the greatest contributions. In this paper, I will explain how Alexander Fleming made significant contribution to biotechnology and how his contributions have had a tremendous impact on our modern society. To explain these, this paper will specifically focus on describing three main points. These three points are: first, Fleming discovered the world’s first antibiotic called penicillin and the use of this drug has saved millions of people’s lives; second, penicillin has led to the discovery and development of many other antibiotics which are used today to effectively fight a large number of bacterial diseases; and third, the widespread use of penicillin and other antibiotics have increased the average human life expectancy significantly. Alexander Fleming has made contributions to advancement of biotechnology in several different ways. One major way was through his discovery of penicillin. Throughout life, we as humans will deal with many different types of bacterial infections. For instance, we may suffer from typhoid, cholera, tetanus caused by Pathogenic (Dougan, 1994). Some of us may

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