Food : An Introduction To The Introduction Of American Food

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This week we were presented with a paper that may be one of the most sensitive and controversial topics associated with food this year. Three women American and British have approached the introduction of new cuisines in a way that has never been done before. After reading this I came to one question, and that was how could you incorporate another culture without being considered cultural appropriating. Reading these articles when they came out during the 1960s and 70s, and the typical American consumer who were reading these papers were American Woman. This was the case because American men were sent off to war in Vietnam. Not only just because of the Vietnam war, but also because of the Korean war during 1950 to 1953 which was around …show more content…

Which may be the most accurate description of this article if you had no previous knowledge of the American culture. American culture is a mix of many different cultures that have mixed together through trade and exploration along with capitalism. All that really happened in all these articles is that some American woman with this American mentality of being an entrepreneur found an opportunity to share something she fell in love with from another country, and profited a bit.
Although they may have profited from their cook books or cooking classes one thing could be said and that is they always gave credit where it was do. These woman at no point never once said that they created these dishes, but solely that they lived amongst the people of the who created these dishes for at least a year or if not several like Mrs.Brenan besides Mrs.Coizat from the article “She’s Gung Ho for Oriental Cookery” by Jean Murphy which was just wrong. Mrs.Croizat just insulted the culture by talking about how a Vietnamese woman couldn’t fry chicken on her stove was “one of her failures in the art of cookery”. Which was just wrong because she shouldn’t have seen a small difference in culture as a failure on the behalf of those people.
So, after taking into account all these factors I came to one conclusion, and that was that culture appropriation is tricky subject. Culture appropriation although being a trick subject is something we shouldn’t ignore. Culture appropriation is

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