Food, People Will Die

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Without food, people will die. Either they do not have the means to buy food or they live in a place where food and vegetation are scarce and not readily available to the public. In any case, food remains a necessity all living creatures must have. Thanks to modern technology and advancements in all fields of agricultural business (agri-business), the availability of food has increased tremendously. Modern farmers put in the same amount of work and effort for twice the reward. Wendell Berry, a man who grew up during the transition of old farming style and new farming style, noticed the transition from mules to tractors and the efficiency that came with the switch. Berry wrote an article titled “Renewing Husbandry”; in his article, Berry …show more content…

Those people who live in these conditions can have better diets and live healthier because of agri-business. The transformation from traditional farming to agri-business became rapidly accepted by all types of farmers because of the mass benefits agri-business provides. Berry noticed this transformation by stating, “This transformation occurred with astonishing speed because, by the measures it set for itself, it was wonderfully successful. It ‘saved labor’” (Berry, 2005, para. 4). This transformation increased the speed of farms. This means the increased speed also decreased the work effort; which allows farmers to do twice as much work without increasing the effort. The transition from traditional farming to agri-business has increased the production load to where agri-business can support the needs of the world.
Agri-business fulfills the needs of the world. Farmers can mass-produce their products in a timely manner, granting them the ability to provide food for the world. With every year, agri-business grows to keep up with the demand. Berry stated; “[T]he tractor would stay and the mules would go. Year after year, agriculture would be adopted more and more to the technology and the processes of industry and to the rule of industrial economics” (Berry, 2005, para. 4). The world constantly changes and adapts. Agri-business changes and adapts to the changes of the world because the main goal of agri-business is to provide food for the world for people to

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