Food Waste Of Food

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A lot of things go to waste in this day and age; almost every country adds to this. There are needs for people. That is understandable. However, the United States of America is possibly one of the biggest contributors to waste in this world; this country dissipates a substantial amount of food, uses an insane amount of water, and utilizes a significant amount of energy. The first of the wasted items is food; this country allows a lot of food to go to waste. With the amount of people in this nation, a large amount of food is needed. With all of that food, a sickening amount of it goes to waste. According to an article from the EPA official website, “Every year in the United States, approximately 31% (133 billion pounds) of the overall food supply is wasted” (“America’s Food Waste Problem”). This enormous quantity of food that goes to waste could be used to feed others. On a side note, the FAO states that, “food waste creates 3.6 billion tons (3.3 billion metric tons) of greenhouse gases annually, about 7 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions worldwide” ("Food Waste"). This wasting of food just diminishes the amount of nourishment in the world, allowing it to rot in landfills and create harmful gases. Some food that is wasted is just discarded because of how it looks, though. For example, most people do not want to eat bruised fruit, but it is completely safe. Furthermore, grocery stores might discard of unappetizing produce, or just let it go to waste. One might argue that food thrown away is inedible and no one would want to eat it. However, many things that people think of as waste can be reused and made into different things. For example, from Research In Context, “Leftover bread can be turned into croutons, while vegetable trimmings can be cooked into a soup” (“Food Waste”). There is almost always a way to reuse things instead of wasting them; throwing away things that seem useless away is not the answer to the problem of wasted food. Similar to wasted food, water is something that is taken for granted a lot in this society. Most of the people in this country have never been without water, so they do not ever think about how much they use, or what it would be like without it. For instance, the

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